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Kiondo overview
A beautiful hand made kiondo bag in natural color.
A wonderful art piece  for your everyday activities and a great gift for a loved one.

The bag is made of sisal fiber that is hand picked hand prepared into yearn then twisted and weaved. It is finished with natural leather mainly from cow hide.

Day out: Its a great bag for use in carrying personal effects such as outdoor mats,sandals and other picnic items

Shopping: The bag has large space that can adequately accommodate your shopping

As a planter bag: It can be used to pot your living plants

Home organizing: It can be used in the living room to store your magazines ,fleece blankets, Kids toys and books

Kitchen organization: Can be used to store kitchen accessories and towels

Bathroom organization: Can be used as your Laundry basket as well as storage of your clean towels.

Care: Incase it creases dampen then reshape and dry.

Top 17”
Base 7”
Height 14”

Natural sisal plant
Recycled wool
Leather from cow or goat hide
Natural dyes extracted from plants or kitchen soot

Ready to ship
Takes 3-7 days depending with the destinations

Kiondo,African Sisal bag, Sisal basket, Kiondo handbag ,Beach bag ,

100,00$ Standardpreis
exkl. MwSt.
  • This is a handmade new bag. Handwoven of wool and Sisal fiber.

    It is washable.

    Can be purchased in retail or bulk orders.

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